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The Objective

Utilize online technology to create a comprehensive web-based campaign to promote the Polaroid instant cameras.

The Concept

Create a campaign inspired by simplicity & sophistication of Apple & Google style ads

  • The campaign name "Keep it Real"
  • Is a pop-culture reference, born from the hip-hop culture in the early 1980's, which means: Not Fake or To Be True to Yourself.
  • The name is also a direct reflection of the camera's main feature, the instant physical photo.

The Design

Simple Sleek & Modern

  • Clean backgrounds with touchs of colour and graphics
  • A light modern font contrasted against the simple background.
  • Demonstrate the camera at work.
  • Place emphasis on the instant photo
  • Use bright imagery and photography

The Demographic

This products demographic in 2014 is quite broad.

  • Tier 1: 18-25 year olds - are drawn to the product because of it's instant photo capability which is foreign to them due to the oversaturation of digital camera's, digital photos and social networking overkill.
  • Tier 2: 25-50 year olds - the product appeals to them mainly for nastalgic reasons.
  • Tier 3: 50+ year olds - want the product due to it's simiplicity and their lack of digital savy.

The Campaign

This campaign includes the following:

  • A dynamic webpage featuring the product CLICK HERE
  • A flash trailer integrated into the webpage
  • A subscription method integrated into a database featured on the site
  • HTML email triggered when a new subscription submits a valid address CLICK HERE
  • Edge animiate banner integrated with a 3rd party online and in-store retailer
  • A homepage take-over of the 3rd party online retailer.CLICK HERE

Programs & Code

This site demonstrates various coding languages & applications used:

  • HTML5 | CSS3
  • Javascript | jQuery
  • PHP | mySQL
  • Flash | ActionScript | Edge Animate
  • Photoshop | Illustrator